What is fiber reinforced silicate fire prevention board? Fiber reinforced Portland fire prevention board is also called Portland fire prevention board...
Fiber reinforced silicate fireproof plate
What is wood grain board of cement fiber? Cement fiber wood grain board referred to as wood grain board, is a kind of fiber cement board, the surface ...
Cement fiber wood veneer
What is clear water exterior siding? Clear water board is a fiber cement board will be upgraded products. The softness, hardness, warmth and indiffere...
Water board
What is a plank? Plank road originally refers to the cliff along the construction of a road. Also known as the pavilion road, road. China had built pl...
The plank road plate
What is fiber cement? Fiber cement board also known as cement fiber board, is made of fiber and cement as the main raw materials for the construction...
cement fibrolite plate
What is a flameproof plate? Explosion-proof plate, also known as anti-explosion plate, is a special plate developed and produced to provide solutions ...
Flameproof plate
What is explosion-proof pressure relief plate? Explosion-proof pressure relief plate is also called explosion-proof plate. The material is light and b...
explosion relief panel
What is FC board? FC board is the abbreviation of Fiber Cement board, which is also known as FC board. It is a building Cement plate made of Fiber and...
Fiber Cement board
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Bursting Diaphragm
Jiude explosion-proof plate is the plate that provides the solution for the working system with special requirements of explosion-proof and shockproof. It consists of two...
Grain board
Wood grain board is the metope adornment material that USES more extensive our country at present. Metope decorates with changeful design, rich colour and lustre, imitate...
Water board
The interior and exterior walls of public buildings such as theaters, museums, parks, schools, libraries, gymnasiums and office buildings. Subway: tunnel and other underg...
fiber cement board
Nine DE fiber concrete in the construction field, applied to the interior wall, partition, firewall, ceiling, wall of aluminum-plastic plate, decorative materials, health...
LOFT steel floor
LOFT steel floor is acknowledged as a kind of thin and light building board. Because of its versatility, the product is used in roofing materials, wall cladding and inter...
Perforated sound absorbing board
Fire prevention, moistureproof design, beautiful and easy, easy installation of A variety of punching has good sound-absorbing function durable stability, deformation inc...
Mainly used for villa, plant and residential facade decoration and renovation; Building roofing; Interior wall decoration, ceiling, partition and protective wall; Indoor ...
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Phase 1, apartment H, wanda plaza, kunming
Product usage: the attic floor is 4.9 meters high, with 12H shaped steel as the main beam. Secondary beam 6*6 square rectangular tube. Spacing is 600 mm * 600 mm * 20 mm. Combined with sheet size.
Lotus pu mansion
Delivery time: April 2003 sheet specification: 2400mmx1200mmx24mm Area: 120000 ㎡ purpose: cladding steel
Xi 'an high-speed rail
Xi 'an north railway station is located in xi 'an city, shaanxi province, covering an area of 533,000 square meters. The overall planning building area is 425,000 square meters. The main building area is 336,000 square meters, of which the main station area is 171,000 square meters.
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Founded in 1986, Beijing huacheng building materials group is a large-scale green building materials enterprise integrating construction, research and development, production, sales and service. The company has a complete set of automatic production line, the production area is more than 20,000 squa...
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