Calcium silicate board decoration field cake

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1263

Calcium silicate board industry has developed for more than ten years, ten years of development has made the calcium silicate board industry brilliant, at the same time, but also exposed the green building materials industry in the development process of a variety of problems. In the industry, due to the imperfection of intellectual property rights in the industry, the phenomenon of plagiarism is serious, and enterprise patents cannot be effectively protected. Outside, calcium silicate board industry is known as the last piece of cake in the home industry, many enterprises have entered the building materials industry, increasing competitive pressure.

What is calcium silicate plate:

Calcium silicate plate materials are mainly composed of siliceous materials and calcium materials, fillers, additives and fibers. It is a kind of slurry made by adding fiber, certain additives, fillers and other materials into siliceous materials and calcareous materials in accordance with a certain proportion of related ingredients. The slurry is made by the processes of billet forming, billet receiving, cutting, stacking, pressing, curing, stripping, drying and deep processing.

The imperfection of intellectual property rights leads to the theft of some product designs, which cannot be effectively controlled. As a result, enterprises focusing on independent research and development will lose momentum and the development of the industry will stagnate. However, this phenomenon of plagiarism is not completely good for nothing, if the reasonable to "plagiarism", is not a good thing. The personage inside course of study says, actually this kind of plagiarism also exist disadvantages exist the end, the end is to be able to enrich the industry product line, malpractice is because there is too much to follow, and patent market is certainly very disorderly, so continue, market, vicious competition will appear, and the original patent not protected at all.

The imitation phenomenon is the most obvious in the exhibition. Every year, woodworking machinery exhibition, home furnishing, home building materials and other exhibitions will be held as scheduled. China has strong imitation ability, so many enterprises will imitate and design new products in the exhibition. But, wear other people's shoes to walk your own way. No matter how imitate, must have oneself brand fixed position.

More than ten years of development, the industry gave birth to many well-known brands, but really do on the scale of only a few. So calcium silicate board industry is known as the home industry last piece of cake.

No one can resist a piece of cake like this. Various types of cross-industry entry has become a hot issue of concern to enterprises. Building materials industry in the past few years to do a few brands, especially in recent years with the rapid development of the industry, and the optimistic market prospects, a lot of electrical appliances, floor including finished furniture brands involved in calcium silicate board. This strongly proves that the development prospect of customized home furnishing industry is very good.

As a new building materials enterprises, should welcome other industries involved in the custom home industry, so that Chinese consumers can see calcium silicate plate is not just a small industry, its development prospects are very optimistic.