Protective performance and characteristics of huacheng xing explosion-proof plate

Date:2019-04-19  Views:1305
Huacheng xing explosion-proof plate test quality standards

Explosion-proof plate shock resistance is strong, explosion-proof board is mainly used in industrial building explosion-proof, general industrial building explosion hazards can be divided into two kinds of thermal radiation and dust explosion definition of dust explosion, dust is within the scope of the explosion limit, after high temperature, flame propagation to the moment the mixed dust in space, such as chemical reaction relatively fast speed, explosion temperature and pressure increase, the damage is very strong, and explosion-proof plate can effectively release the pressure, inhibition, cut off the explosion pressure economic losses the damage to buildings and personnel.

Explosion-proof plate is only one kind of product in the whole explosion-proof system. Explosion-proof plate should be combined with explosion-proof door, isolation valve and explosion-proof system for buildings.

Protective performance and characteristics of huacheng xing explosion-proof plate

Huacheng xing explosion-proof plate is the plate that provides the solution for the operation system with special requirements of explosion-proof and shockproof. It is mainly made of reinforced fiber cement board external pressure galvanized steel material composition, mainly made of explosion-proof partition wall, explosion-proof ceiling ceiling, explosion-proof exhaust smoke duct/air conditioning pipe/cable pipe, explosion-proof cable maintenance, explosion-proof door and steel structure explosion-proof maintenance system. The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO014001 system certification.

Comparison between huacheng xing explosion-proof plate and traditional material: galvanized steel material with impact resistance added; Easy to connect with other steel members; Cutting construction is quick and brief; System composition can be more sensitive to supply specific solutions.

As the saying goes shopping to buy a good use of time is lasting, shop around is the habit of a lot of people to buy things, because people tend to like comparison, and then buy a better more happy things, no one is willing to pay for some inferior products, so many people to buy things are like out of home products to be picked out better satisfied, then the problem to the explosion-proof plate which is a little bit better, how we should shop around to find the best explosion-proof board, if we take the above method to find the best explosion-proof board for the product; It could be a lot of trouble for you. It is not so easy for us to compare the explosion-proof plates because the manufacturers are far away from each other.

Explosion-proof plate in the current market is also very outstanding and a key plate, not only a lot of manufacturers began to produce this material, there are a lot of places to buy. And there will be more and more construction areas used in explosion-proof panels, more and more manufacturers, people have to worry about quality problems. So we have to know

Explosion-proof plate manufacturers which is the best? Not only do we worry about the quality, but we also care about the price. If it's a lot more expensive then even if it's of better quality, fewer people will buy it.

Explosion-proof plate is just small make up for everyone said in fact, an example, from this we can see, no matter what people buy things are under the contrast. So the explosion-proof plate manufacturers want to win in the competition, it is necessary to constantly strive for innovation, better quality, and the price is appropriate. If the quality reaches the price is too high, it will lose the customer's trust, which will not be worth the cost, and it is also very unnecessary.