Introduction of the application of explosion-proof plate to the explosion-proof wall

Date:2019-04-20  Views:1332

       Huacheng xing is a large-scale building material enterprise specializing in the production of fiber cement products. Is the Chinese association of concrete and cement products calcium silicate cement board branch vice President unit; Is the calcium silicate board and fiber cement board one of the national industry standards to participate in the preparation of units, its products blasting board using advanced copying production method, on the basis of raw materials to add cement, additives, inorganic substances, through mixing, molding, high temperature steaming, drying and surface treatment and other more than 10 processes carefully produced.

Explosion-proof plate material brittleness, main ingredient by the water rigid gelled material and the siliceous inorganic material composition of inorganic materials, fire prevention performance is superior, often be made into all kinds of explosion venting facilities such as explosion, explosion door window, explosion wall, etc., including explosion wall using the most, made with the explosion of wall, use explosion-proof high refractory and thermal insulation, drain away quickly, easy to decoration, etc. With the progress of The Times, there are more and more places with explosive demands, such as commercial buildings, power stations, pharmaceuticals, industry/military, etc. At present explosion-proof plate has become the standard equipment of all kinds of large projects. The building safety coefficient with explosion-proof plate is much higher than that without explosion-proof plate.

Below the competition of increasingly plank bazaar, the profit of manufacturer of a lot of explosion-proof board is in gradually abate, and the businessman that bazaar manages plank or it is manufacturer is in every year add, local plank produces a factory to want to obtain livelihood to seek new product only, rely on only in building materials bazaar to do price competition to be sure to be screened by bazaar.

Development of new product transformation is the way out of explosion-proof plate enterprises, the product from abroad to our country has a very long history, but in our country is throughout the selection also have a few years of time, developed together with the variety of plate is not much.

Explosion venting panel is basically choose in big project is more, the home installs the plate no proportion, the board that engineering in addition to the capital in the case of large customer demand is the profit is very low, many large building materials enterprises scale introduced in raw materials have many advantages in price, but the small and medium-sized building materials enterprises were not so lucky.

Disclosure board raw material acquisition cost is high, the brand has no influence to sell up is difficult, not cheap to sell customers will not want you, now the cost of artificial literally every year on the rise, and a plate of profit is literally every year in shrinking.