Loft mezzanine floor and loft apartment are inseparable

Date:2019-04-22  Views:1315
At present, the domestic form, loft mezzanine floor demand shows a trend of steady growth. The steady development of building business model drives the sales of wall panel products.

How about loft apartments?

Loft mezzanine floor has been popular all over the world, and is the most popular in Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, etc. The fashion trend of home decoration is loft apartment type. Loft has built a tall, open and high space according to the floor slab and some design concepts.

Loft can be built as follows: tall and open space, double-layer duplex structure, upper floor slab construction, stairs and beams, barrier-free interior; Transparent, reduce the degree of privacy; Door model between omni-directional combination, free decision all style and pattern.

How about loft apartments?

LOFT has become a globally fashionable art form. Loft apartments are usually small, or loft apartments, with floor height of 3.6-5.2 meters and an area of 30-50 square meters. The duplex floor is constructed by loft steel floor slab. Although loft new sales are calculated according to the floor area of the first floor, the practical usable floor area can reach nearly one time of the sales area. With the advantage of buying one floor and giving one floor free, the apartment is small and the unit price is cheap, it has always been popular among young people.

The owner can plan interior space at will completely according to his liking. Take miss Lin, a young woman preparing for marriage, and Mr. Wu, a married middle-aged man, as examples to see if LOFT apartments are good. Loft units are refined decoration, functional zoning liberalization, is a young favorite building style.

Loft mezzanine floor and loft apartment are inseparable, as a basic structure, safe and beautiful, good quality. Those who choose loft apartment type should not forget to pay attention to the quality of loft mezzanine floor slab to ensure the safety and bearing capacity of the residence in the future.

Plate construction towards simplification, lunch a big level cut artificial capital, quality basic construction process achieve "zero pollution", the construction of the environmental impact is small, around the material cost is moderate, no pressure to the construction of mat endowment, quick to produce quick installation fast test, which can be the contractor's great advantages.

With the renovation of external walls, urban construction and transformation of the phenomenon from time to time, the public's love of green and non-polluting materials, as the understanding of new green materials from time to time to strengthen, new green demand also gradually increased.