LOFT loft board usage and performance comparison

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1164

LOFT loft panels , jump layers, and high-strength cement floor slabs are the plates for light steel construction such as business space, leaping store, villa attic, and home improvement. The LOFT loft panel has excellent performance, good fire and water resistance, and the board surface is smooth and free of dirt. LOFT loft board I use the latest accessories and the latest formula to develop new floor slabs. It is the replacement product of domestic high-density fiber cement floor slabs; it solves the defects of the original products such as easy bending deformation, easy water absorption expansion, easy delamination, and higher strength. The wetness rate is lower, the impact resistance is stronger, the bearing capacity is more green, and it is safer.

With more and more layers of heights of 5 to 6 meters, the freely separable space is constantly emerging. We can use the light steel structure and the LOFT loft board to easily make the leap, and the second layer becomes the original layer. The space has doubled. Due to the drawbacks of traditional floor materials: wood, multi-layer composite panels, steel plates and other materials, LOFT high-strength cement floor slabs have completely compensated for the high cost, low fire resistance and low strength of traditional floor materials.

Among them, the LOFT loft panel has a weight of 1.5 tons per square meter and is a rare new building material!

LOFT loft panels are compared to traditional materials.

The main advantages are:

1 high density and high strength, bearing 1 ton per square meter.

② The ratio of light weight floor ramming, reducing building load

③ thickness, typically 1200 × 2400 × 25mm using space-saving

④ fire water, an A-level non-combustible material of the new floor

low ⑤ thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect

⑥ The sound insulation effect is particularly good.

7 The construction is simple and quick, the overall construction cost is low, and the construction waste is less. The

service life is generally more than 50 years.

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