General enterprise explosion-proof safety necessary safety building materials explosion-proof board

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In the event of an explosion accident, the company may cause accidental casualties and damage to the plant, facilities and equipment. The serious consequences are often unimaginable. It can be seen that the explosion-proof and safe production of enterprises is not only the most basic guarantee for the survival of enterprises, but also one of the basic conditions for enterprises to participate in market economy competition. The party and the state attach great importance to safe production, and clearly pointed out that the explosion-proof work must conscientiously implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first".

Explosion-proof panels should be widely used in every enterprise. The explosion-proof panels are fire-resistant and explosion-proof materials composed of pressure-reinforced galvanized steel materials on the surface of reinforcing fiber cement board. The explosion-proof panels are developed and developed, and have been recognized by the market. Through rigorous testing, Used in barriers, doors and ceilings, and is available in a variety of sizes. Explosion-proof panels are light, strong, impactful, resistant to rice blast, durability and special fire protection, so that firefighters can avoid a fire as much as possible to ensure the safety of life and property in society. The world is in a variety of industries, including power stations, nuclear power, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, drilling platforms, warehouses, airports, railways and metro facilities.

Then, the principle of “safety first, prevention first”, enterprises should closely follow the guidelines and policies of the party and the state regarding explosion safety management, laws, regulations and rules, combined with the needs of actual work, seriously Implement management measures to ensure safe production from explosion.

Explosion-proof plate features and advantages

Flame retardant (for 4 hours of combustion test), anti -explosion , impact resistance,

moisture and fire, earthquake resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, large

weather resistance (not changing with temperature) ), high-resistance, sound-absorbing, anti

- freeze blasting plate application area

power station, automobile factory, oil industry, container, waste recycling center

data protection room, sports space, military area, laboratory, underground passage, conveyor belt

explosion-proof plate application part

Ventilation ducts, engineering shields, walls and partitions, flame retardant and smoke areas, cable duct

explosion-proof and refractory layers, tunnels

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