New building materials LOFT steel structure floor rises building energy efficiency breakthrough

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1196
As the pollution of the environment becomes more and more serious, the voice of " sustainable development " is getting higher and higher. Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, we must take the road of industrialization with resource conservation and environmental friendliness. At present, China has initially established a building energy-saving design standard system with the goal of energy-saving 50 , and implements a higher 65 energy-saving standard regardless of the region . For the building energy conservation, the most critical link is the use and promotion of LOFT steel structural floor . At the same time, through the use of new building materials, building energy efficiency will also achieve significant results.

LOFT steel structure floor slab is a new type of building material that is different from traditional brick, limestone and other building materials. The scope of new building materials is clearly defined in the industry. The new building materials mainly include new wall materials, new types. Fireproof sealing materials, new thermal insulation materials and decorative materials.

It has low energy consumption and significant energy saving in use. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of soil conservation, land saving, green, profit, waste, heat insulation, heat preservation, after-sale, light weight, reduced transportation cost, convenient construction and low cost.

After decades of development, China's building materials industry has become an important raw material and product industry with complete categories, large scale, complete system, strong product supporting ability and obvious international competitiveness, occupying a pivotal position in the international market. With the widespread promotion of energy-efficient buildings, the society has put forward new requirements for the building materials industry. The market demand for energy-saving, consumption-reducing and green indicators of building materials is also increasing. LOFT steel structure slabs are in line with the development of energy-saving and green situations. Become a hot product.

LOFT steel structure floor products are gradually increasing in the market, and the prospects of energy-saving green products in the broad market of building materials industry are promising. The sales of products are also rising, and are gradually being favored by consumers.

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