Introduction to the use of building energy-saving LOFT mezzanine floor

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1381
China's building energy efficiency will reach 80%. The loft mezzanine floor itself has an energy saving effect. The loft mezzanine floor is a new type of floorboard developed with the latest accessories and the latest formula. It is the replacement product of the domestic high-density fiber cement floor board; it solves the defects of the original product such as easy bending deformation, easy water absorption expansion, easy delamination, and higher strength. The wetness rate is lower, the impact resistance is stronger, the bearing capacity is more, and it is more environmentally friendly and safer.

The appearance of loft mezzanine floor is compared with wood floor board: fireproof, moisture proof, waterproof, insect proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mold, high flexural strength, sound insulation, light weight and high strength, compared with concrete floor: light weight, can effectively reduce the floor The bearing capacity of the body. The thin thickness can increase the space height of the floor. It can reduce the labor cost and shorten the construction period without generating construction waste. It is easy to re-cut and cut, and can be cut into any specifications as needed. It is an important label for mezzanine.

The main advantage of LOFT apartment is that the flat utilization factor is high, and the use area of the house can be increased by 50% to 70% through the sandwich composite; the indoor compartment is generally a lightweight material such as wood structure, which integrates the partition, furniture and decoration. The integration is not only the wall, but also the floor, bed and cabinet, which reduces the overall cost; the upper floor adopts push-pull or broken bridge windows, and the ventilation and lighting are good. Compared with the general floor and the same area, the land utilization rate can be increased by 40%.

The difficulty in the construction of LOFT apartment lies in the construction of loft sandwich floor . In order to improve the project schedule and quality requirements, a new type of building material, DFB aggregate sandwich panel, is more suitable than reinforced concrete structural board through research and actual construction. The utility model has the advantages of small self-weight, low cost, less construction process, easy operation, controlled thickness and good flatness of the structural surface.

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