Explosion-proof panels bring another innovation to the construction field

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1262
The China Design Committee was established in 2015 with the aim of “designing the service industry and inheriting the value of innovation” and seeking to cultivate more outstanding design talents for the Chinese home furnishing industry. As one of the founders of the China Design Committee, I especially hope that young designers can pay more attention to this platform, and at the same time, they can participate in various design activities initiated by the China Design Committee. This will have a road to their future design. More help and impact. This is one of the recommendations.

Architecture is a solid music. It is the expression of a certain spirit of the architect and the transmission of a certain idea. For architecture, everyone's understanding will be different. "

Design is a way of solving various problems for customers through artistic methods." "

Good design needs to be scrutinized repeatedly." "

Home, must be a place where people can relax and make people feel dazed." "

The perfect integration of art and design is the direction we have been pursuing!" ”

On January 20th, hosted by the Shanghai Home Buyers Club and the Shanghai Owners Club, an Oscar conference hosted by Fang Tianxia under the theme “2018 to Happiness” was held at the Yangpu Grand Theatre in Shanghai.

More than 1,000 representatives of new and old owners from about 500 communities in Shanghai and representatives of community committees, representatives of real estate development companies, well-known media representatives in Shanghai and industry representatives who care about supporting the world have witnessed the 14th China Real Estate Network. The grand opening of the popularity list also witnessed the birth of the "Real Estate Dance" Shanghai Division championship team.

Concentrate on popularity and reputation.

China's real estate network popularity list is unveiled

. It is not a speculation, renting and buying the same rights, because of the city's policy, the regulation of China's real estate long-term mechanism forward. The popularity ranking of China's real estate network, which is known as the industry market wind vane, has accumulated decades of word of mouth and influence under the attention and support of the majority of buyers.

The annual real data of the market and the two-month voting of buyers and owners have been comprehensively selected. On the day of the event, the industry 2017 reputation brand, popular reputation building, consumer favorite home building brand brand, real estate broker influence brand organization, influence The financial institutions and other lists were announced one by one, providing professional reference guides for buyers and owners to buy houses, sell houses, rent houses, decorate, and financial services.

It is another innovation brought by the explosion-proof panel for the construction field. Protect the thermal performance of the envelope structure to save energy, improve building durability and maintain the living environment.

In the field of steel structure construction in China, building envelope is recognized as a well-known brand to improve the quality of houses. Over the years, a large number of metal roofs, sloping roofs, and insulated exterior walls have been used as "protective clothing" for houses, effectively helping to withstand the influence of the external climate and creating a fresh and comfortable living environment. Mainly used for roofing (all kinds of sloping roof systems with sloping and flawless) and wall (steel structure, wood structure and concrete structure). It not only has excellent respirable performance of anti-explosion board, but also can improve the thermal insulation performance of the house, making the house more comfortable and energy-saving explosion-proof board manufacturers.

The explosion-proof plate is made of refractory explosion-proof material composed of galvanized steel material on the surface of reinforced fiber cement board. It is flame retardant (burning test for 4 hours), anti-explosion, impact resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, seismic resistance, light weight and resistance. Corrosion, large weather resistance (not changing with temperature), high resistance, sound absorption, antifreeze.