The influence of explosion-proof panel on the present explosion-proof system of buildings

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1343
In recent years, a variety of explosion incidents have been reported, and the reasons are all caused by the imperfect explosion-proof facilities in various buildings. Now, many construction industries attach great importance to this issue, and both the construction industry and home decoration attach great importance to this issue, especially the selection of materials.
Explosion-proof board is a kind of fiber cement as base material surface pressure galvanized steel material of refractory explosion-proof, explosion-proof board is a new kind of building plank, it from the research and development, and recognised by the market, through rigorous testing, can be used in barriers, doors and ceiling, and manufacturers can provide all kinds of specifications. The lightness, strength, impact, blast resistance, durability and special fire prevention of explosion proof plate enable firefighters to avoid a fire as far as possible and ensure the safety of life and property of the society.
Explosion-proof plate as a new type of building plank, no matter in any case it is more stable than other traditional plank, it does not produce any toxic substances, under the environment of high temperature in construction of construction will not impact on the environment, because of its stable performance, is widely used in explosion protection partition wall, ceiling, explosion-proof exhaust duct, cable pipe, explosion-proof cable protection explosion-proof, explosion-proof door and steel structure, and other systems.
What are the advantages and characteristics of the flameproof plate?
1. Flame retardant (combustion test lasting 4 hours), explosion resistance and impact resistance
2. Moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-seismic, light in weight, anti-corrosion and large in size
3. Weather resistance (does not change with the change of temperature), high resistance, sound absorption, antifreeze, etc