Production technology of explosion-proof pressure relief plate

Date:2019-04-10  Views:1726
Explosion-proof pressure relief board is made of wood pulp cellulose fiber, inorganic minerals, sand, additives, water and other organic and inorganic substances, formed by mixing, molding, pressure, high temperature autoclaving curing, surface treatment, can be formed a variety of thickness, is 100% free of asbestos and other harmful substances of light board. It is the environmental protection panel with excellent performance in building structure panel. Getai explosion-proof pressure relief plate is made of wood fiber as reinforcing material, with inorganic hydraulic cementing material added with siliceous material or with inorganic hydraulic cementing material as sole base material.
Explosion-proof pressure relief plate production mainly includes wood fiber processing, sand processing, wood fiber pulp, mortar mixing, homogenization and storage and transportation, plate molding, stacking, pressure, autoclaving, removing stacking, surface processing and other processes.
Explosion-proof drain clamp in the process of production need to use pressure steaming process, the main purpose of the autoclave is through the high temperature and high pressure steam environment maintenance (0.8 1.2 Mpa), under the condition of the high temperature hydrothermal, Ca (OH) 2 in the slab material adsorption on the surface of SiO2, and after dissolution precipitation, stone and other process the resulting stability of mullite crystal and a small amount of xonotlite crystals, thus reducing shrinkage, shorten curing time.
Principle of explosion - proof pressure relief plate
Indoor flares closed explosion pressure through building components such as explosion-proof discharge pressure plate, can lift the critical pressure in a flash, at the same time through the slow reaction of explosion fragments and the quality of the characters and block, can effectively reduce the explosion shock affected the fragments of personal injury and property damage probability, and explosion-proof discharge pressure plate can control and isolation of fires caused by explosion, in order to prevent the surrounding site affected.
Product name: explosion-proof pressure relief plate
Explosion-proof discharge pressure plate based on natural mineral resource, the selection of quartz powder, mica, perlite and high quality fiber and a variety of mineral fibre along with cement and increase the fire all the material composition, choose first to produce flow slurry method, were treated with high temperature and high pressure autoclave, forms with high stability of the crystal structure of green environmental protection through energy-saving light building fire prevention board.
Application: power station, automobile factory, petroleum industry, container, waste recovery center, data protection room, sports ground, military area, laboratory, underground passage