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The plank road plate
Fiber cement road board compared to the traditional plank road maintenance easier, greatly reduced the workload and the scenic area work than wooden materials it would not happen bug eat by moth are less likely to corrode possesses the characteristics of fire insulation, waterproof, strong weatherability, will not have any impact to the environment at the same time, is the garden architecture, the scenic area of engineering, and the best material of all kinds of high-grade architectural decoration construction. It is widely used in ground laying, building exterior wall, dock, fence and other places that pursue artistic effect


What is a plank?

Plank road originally refers to the cliff along the construction of a road. Also known as the pavilion road, road. China had built plank roads during the warring states period. The plank road has a very long history in our country. In the third century BC, the state of qin built the plank road to exploit sichuan. Plank road, pass in the shu, so that the world is fear of the qin dynasty, but the time was not as advanced as it is today, traditional technology at that time the plank road plate are in wood is given priority to, now built plank road of various materials including concrete, wood, or glass, and so on, with tourist facilities more perfect plank road board now more used in Bridges and all kinds of outdoor at the ground laid of the park, the most used for fiber cement base material of the plank road plate, the road surface has natural realistic wood grain effect, many scenic spots to restore ancient ways the traditional plank road plate are used this kind of material, fiber cement road board compared to the traditional plank road maintenance easier, Greatly reduce the amount of work in the scenic area, compared with the wooden materials it will not occur moth is not easy to be corroded with fire insulation, waterproof, weather resistance and other characteristics, at the same time will not have any impact on the environment, is today's garden building, scenic area engineering and all kinds of high-grade building decoration construction of the best materials. It is widely used in ground laying, building exterior wall, dock, fence and other places that pursue artistic effect.

Product advantage: keep the wood texture, match with the natural landscape style, the concave and convex texture has the outdoor anti-skid characteristic, the product color and luster, the texture is vivid, practical and beautiful, has the anticorrosion, fire prevention, waterproof, is the most ideal choice to replace the natural wood

Product introduction:

I. production technology:

The plank is made of natural Portland cement, quartz sand and other siliceous, calcareous materials and mineral plant fiber and other inorganic materials through more than ten processes such as pulping, molding, high-tonnage press pressing, high-temperature and high-pressure steaming and curing and advanced spraying equipment coating. The plate base material selects the high density fiber cement board for the material production to carry out many kinds of coating processing methods strictly, the paint surface is cold resistance against the sun, is the domestic wood grain plank road board in the special excellent product! The plank is mainly composed of three parts: wood grain material for the surface layer, high-strength concrete for the bottom structure, and reinforcement for the structure with special requirements.

Ii. Product features

1. The product has excellent performance of fire prevention, water resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, insect moth resistance, no breeding bacteria, no poison, no pollution, maintenance free, and theft prevention.

2. The product has the same processing performance with the log, can nail, can drill, can stick, the surface is smooth and exquisite, without sanding and especially paint, its paint adhesion is good, can also be based on personal preferences paint.

3. The product disables the natural defects of wood, such as cracking, warping, color difference, etc., so there is no need for regular maintenance.

4. The unique technology of the product can meet the requirements of various specifications, sizes, shapes, thicknes, etc., which also includes providing a variety of designs, colors and wood grain products without polishing or painting, reducing the processing cost and providing customers with more choices.

5. The product has a long service life and can be reused for many times, which is more than five times longer than the wood on average. The cost of use is 1/2 -- 1/3 of the wood, which has a great advantage in cost performance. Secondary processing, high strength, energy saving.

6. The product is firm in quality, light in weight, heat preservation, smooth and smooth in surface, free from formaldehyde and other harmful substances, toxic and pollution-free.

Environmental protection: made of cement, gravel, iron oxide and other composite materials by pouring moulding. As much imitation wood is used, so much less forest is destroyed.

Design: overall smooth, textured, good skid resistance.

Construction: the factory produces the finished product and then comes to the site for laying and pasting, which is fast and simple. Like paving ordinary stone.

Use: from real wood but no better than real texture and color, touch and real wood slightly different, good wear resistance, equivalent to c20 concrete wear resistance 2 times, pedestrian walking normally, 5 years without obvious wear. Once and for all.

Appearance: wood grain and color are shaped at one time during the production of plank board, which effectively avoids the weakness of painting on the surface of traditional plank board. Color and surface effects can be designed according to the environment and functional needs, fully combining with the surrounding environment.

Durability: long service life, basically no maintenance, the lowest cost. Wear resistance through practical use, it is proved that the material has high wear resistance, strong weather resistance and high adhesion.

Iii. Application scope:

It is widely used in outdoor wooden landscape such as paving board, balcony floor, square floor, plank road, horizontal platform, dock, fence, fence, handrail, flower box, grape frame, exterior wall decoration board, etc. Construction unit, designer, construction unit can choose the product according to the specific situation of the project. The plank road board is now widely used in Beijing, shijiazhuang, Hohhot, baotou, tianjin, Shanghai, guangzhou, xi 'an, dalian and other first-tier and second-tier cities. Common specifications 1000/800 200/100 20mm if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.

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