• 硅藻泥板
  • 硅藻泥板
Diatom clay


Diatom mud is a kind of environmental protection decoration wall material with diatomite as the main raw material. It has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, adjusting humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, fire prevention and flame retardant, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization, etc. Because diatom mud is healthy environmental protection, have very good adornment sex not only, still have functional sex, it is the new generation that replaces wallpaper and emulsioni paint to decorate material indoors.

The main raw material of diatom mud is diatomaceous earth, a diatomaceous mineral formed over hundreds of millions of years. Diatom is a kind of algae living in oceans and lakes. Oceans and lakes are the home of algae. Diatoms are abundant and abundant here. They are called the grassland in the ocean. Diatom ooze take lived millions of years ago the aquatic planktonic creatures - diatomaceous deposits of natural substance, main component for opal, rich in a variety of useful minerals, texture soft, electron microscope showed that the particle surface has many tiny pores, pore rate above 90%, and specific surface area is as high as 65 ┫ / g. It is this outstanding molecular sieve structure that determines its unique function -- strong physical adsorption performance and ion exchange performance. Large area of water spraying on the wall can absorb a large amount of water, indicating strong adsorption, and slow and continuous release of negative oxygen ions, can effectively decompress formaldehyde, benzene, radon gas and other harmful carcinogens

Diatom mud board decoration building materials industry a revolutionary innovative products. It is the upgrading product of wood floor and floor tile

Functional configuration

1. Formaldehyde absorption: the unique "molecular sieve" structure of diatom mud has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function. It can react, decompose and convert the free formaldehyde, benzene and radioactive substances in the air into harmless substances through absorption with the macromolecule materials. By the national quality inspection department inspection, formaldehyde, benzene elimination rate reached more than 95%.

2. Deodorization and deodorization: diatom mud is a unique natural nanometer deodorization material, which can absorb and decompose odors generated by pets, smoking and household garbage into odorless gas through physical adsorption and ion exchange, so as to purify indoor air.

3. Sterilization: due to its unique "molecular sieve" structure, diatom mud can absorb and decompose water into positive and negative ions through waterfall effect. The negative oxygen ion floats in the air, has the extremely strong sterilization ability, by the national quality inspection department inspection, the bacteriostasis rate reaches above 92%.

4. Humidity adjustment: the surface of diatom mud has numerous tiny holes, and the porosity is over 90%. The pore size of single volume diatom mud is 5,000-6000 times that of single volume activated carbon. Absorb the moisture in the air accordingly and release in due course, adjust indoor humidity automatically.

Five, heat insulation noise reduction: diatom mud components, because of its unique pore structure, heat insulation noise reduction effect is significant.

6, fire retardant: diatom mud with pure natural, do not contain any chemical components, melting point of more than 1000 degrees. No combustion, high temperature resistance, no harmful gas produced in fire.

7. Release of negative oxygen ions: due to the unique "molecular sieve" structure of diatom mud, water in the air will produce a "waterfall effect", so as to continuously release negative oxygen ions beneficial to human body.

Product features:

Absorb formaldehyde

Two, deodorization

Three, disinfection

Four, adjust humidity

Insulation and noise reduction

Six, fire retardant

Release negative oxygen ions

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