How to construct the explosion-proof board of industrial building

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1155
Now a lot of industrial buildings are used explosion-proof plate, in order to ensure the safety of property and personnel, but explosion-proof plate in the factory explosion-proof construction is how, there are very few people know, today xiaoxiao take you to understand the explosion-proof plate in the industrial building is how to construction.

Explosion-proof plate is specially used for explosion-proof construction. The composition of the explosion-proof plate is a kind of plate with high strength and anti-explosion formed by galvanized steel plate and fiber cement clip. Explosion-proof plate can be said to be intelligent, new, strong daily-use. Explosion-proof plate in the factory explosion-proof how to construction?

(1) repair the uneven places on the ground, ceiling and wall where the dragon skeleton needs to be installed.

(2) according to the plan in the ground and ceiling line, mark along the top (ground) keel bearing together mark doors and Windows, sanitary equipment and pipes and openings.

(3) fix the keel along the top (ground) with the nail or expansion bolt. The horizontal fixing interval of the nail or expansion bolt is 800mm, and the fixed point is 100mm at the end of the spacing wall.

(4) will be vertical keel inserted along the top (ground) keel, according to the interval of 610mm with pull rivet fastening, vertical keel generally than partition height short 5mm, pay attention to vertical keel opening direction should be consistent, do not invert up and down to ensure that the vertical keel holes on the same level.

(5) use the plumb to correct the straightness of vertical keel.

(6) in the door and window frame, wall body free end and the connection of the wall body and larger openings, on both sides of the device to strengthen the keel that vertical keel and along the top (ground) keel compound.

(7) the transverse keel shall be installed at the 2400mm height of the wall (that is, at the horizontal joint of the plate).

(8) in the direction of the suspension device, set other supporting objects for the device to be fixed.

(9) the device is equipped with hidden pipelines and sockets and internal fillers (according to the planning requirements, such as rock wool). If necessary, the hole diameter of the vertical keel shall not be greater than 2/5 of the keel width. (10) according to the relevant construction standards for inspection to see the keel structure of the scale and straightness, as well as the integrity and firmness of qualified before explosion-proof plate device.

Small make up for you to sort out the construction method of these explosion-proof plate, for the construction of escort, not to use the correct way to install it. Explosion-proof plate can not only protect the safety of property and personnel, but also the atmosphere beautiful fire performance is extremely strong, can let everyone in a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment in the pleasant life and work.