What else besides fire extinguishers can buildings prevent fire

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1143
In summer, the climate is hot and changeable, and many security risks are growing in invisible corners. In particular, the summer fire accident is unusual many, we all know to reach the basic conditions of combustion is: combustible, ignition point, combustible. Summer weather is hot, it is easy to meet the conditions of combustion and ignition, combustible although not so everywhere, but there are a lot of, so the building with fire extinguishers and other protective measures is really enough?

The answer is obvious, only with a fire extinguisher or safe passage is actually the index does not cure the root, how to do to really achieve the fundamental prevention, I will give you a brief analysis of the following points:

(1) to play a fundamental prevention, that is, non-combustion. Only non-combustion can solve the root of the problem, to avoid the occurrence of disaster. Explosion-proof board is a new type of green building material. As the name suggests, its main characteristic is explosion-proof. However, the board has both non-combustible A1 level. We all know that traditional building materials have many disadvantages, but combustibility is their biggest disadvantage. Only by replacing the traditional thermal insulation building materials with explosion-proof boards can we nip the disaster in the bud.

(2) the advantage of the use of explosion-proof plate is that it can play the role of explosion-proof, a lot of times although we do a good job in prevention measures, but the disaster still happened, this is in the sense of things, after all, no gold is perfect, no perfect thing. The components of the explosion-proof plate can relieve the critical pressure in a very short time and at the same time, the probability of personal injury and property loss caused by explosion shock and explosion debris can be effectively reduced by controlling the quality and explosion behavior of explosion debris.

(3) the advantage of the explosion-proof plate is not easy to cause secondary damage, explosion-proof plate explosion-proof is block and powder, no sharp edges and corners, weight is very light, low density, insulation layer is light material, when pressure relief is not easy to form secondary damage. In fact, many architectural design will have explosion-proof this link, but a lot of times their practice is like a dummy, there is a fluke psychology or the trend of interests so that they are not so strict in the selection of material, so that when the disaster comes to people caused double harm.

(4) another important advantage of explosion-proof plate is that it can be installed quickly and will not occupy the use space of the building. Explosion-proof plate is a kind of finished product, which can be directly used after processing and production in the factory. The installation of the explosion-proof plate only needs on-site welding and bolt fixation, and the density of the explosion-proof plate is very low, which is convenient for opening holes and light passing through.

It can be said that the explosion-proof plate is the first to bear the brunt of people and distress, is to effectively protect people's lives and property of the new building plate. Of course, in addition to the above advantages, people also like to use explosion-proof board to do insulation materials, walls with partition, flame retardant and smoke area, cable channel explosion-proof and refractory layer, tunnel and other places.

For the explosion-proof plate is mainly used in high-risk places, such as: power station, automobile factory, oil industry, container, waste recovery center, data protection room, sports place, military district, laboratory, underground passage, conveyor belt, etc. The reasonable application will have the ideal result, only to strengthen the promotion and use of the explosion-proof plate can play an ideal preventive measures.