The function of explosion-proof plate and the function of protecting property loss and reducing casualties

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1130

Sheet on the building materials industry, the market at present, there are many kinds of, have a beautiful atmosphere, waterproof fire prevention, a roof insulation heat preservation, instead of the timber wood board, fire prevention and explosion of plank, today small make up for you detailed said explosion-proof plate, the plate is used in the danger zone, flammable and explosive factories, can effectively ensure the safety of property and personnel casualties,

Explosion-proof plate as a security plank in the field of commercial and civil buildings, in recent years, with the development of green building materials in the unceasing change, performance has reached a highest level industry, explosion-proof plate composed of high strength fiber cement board and galvanized steel material, have the effect of explosion-proof pressure, it also benefited from the development of green building materials industry rapidly, the quality of the products of raw materials, let explosion-proof board products have higher safety features.

At present, China's green building materials industry shows a good momentum of development, which has shown a trend of intelligent, high-end and green development. China is a country developing economy with natural resources, with rapid economic growth and increasingly serious environmental pollution. Therefore, improving the green products of building materials, strengthening the quality assurance of raw materials, and on the basis of the green concept, making strong building wall, floor and ceiling explosion-proof materials has become a focus of today's development.

Explosion-proof board and other new green materials harmless to human body, low production energy consumption, good decorative effect, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention performance is strong, explosion-proof board added fiber cement board will not produce chemical reaction, the construction process is easy to control, few influencing factors, and there is no danger in the construction. Explosion-proof plate is a kind of good explosion-proof building materials, which has become a common understanding in the industry. The explosion-proof plate has the high flame retardant, the anti-explosion, the anti-impact, the moisture-proof and the fire-fighting, the anti-earthquake, the quality is light, the corrosion resistance, the weather resistance is good, the high resistance, the sound-absorbing, the anti-freezing and so on.

The path of ascension as green products, explosion-proof board is also used as a more upscale places, such as five-star hotel kitchen wall heat insulation explosion protection system, high-end commercial buildings and for area of the plant, explosion-proof board with cement and new building materials green features of the notice, also have the effect of explosion proof, the future besides commercial use in the field of consumer also is common, such as villa decorate individual consumers since the building explosion-proof plate can be used as a building wall protection.

Many places such as factories ah warehouse ah once the loss of fire is immeasurable, the choice of explosion-proof plate can be fireproof and waterproof, to prevent the explosion of fluctuations, the human body can be effectively protected, the fire can be controlled within the scope, reduce the loss of property, personnel safety. Above is xiaobian for you to sort out the explosion-proof board of the consultation, want to know more please visit the official website