Explosion-proof plate and explosion-proof pressure relief principle

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1345
Sound-absorbing board used in noisy places. There are wood grain board instead of wood, and today small make up for you to say in detail a new type of building materials explosion-proof board, explosion-proof board is used in the potential dangerous area, equipped with explosion-proof board can bring us safety, fire, beautiful and so on. Below small make up for you to introduce the performance of explosion-proof plate

Explosion-proof plate system features:

1. Rapid dispersion

Explosion-proof plate is a kind of light and brittle material, which can be discharged in a very short time in case of explosion, effectively reducing the superposition effect of explosive force, and providing guarantee for personal and property safety.

2. It is not easy to cause secondary damage when blasting

Explosion-proof plate is block and powder when pressure relief, no sharp edges and corners, very light weight, low density, insulation layer is light material, when pressure relief is not easy to form secondary damage.

3, good strength in the project plan design, will fully consider the external wall wind pressure requirements and wall height and other factors such as the layout of sandalwood, keel and explosion-proof plate, to ensure the stability of the wall while achieving the pressure relief function.

4, light

The total weight of the coating for the anti-explosion and pressure relief outer wall and exterior decoration is less than 50Kg/m3, which is very beneficial to the load and anti-vibration of the whole building.

5. Durable

The weather resistance of the explosion-proof plate is good, and it can meet the requirement of 50 years under normal conditions.

6, excellent fire performance

According to the fire rating of the building, the fireproof limit of the explosion - proof pressure relief wall can reach 4 hours.

7. Outstanding insulation performance

The central part of the explosion-proof outer wall system is filled with thermal insulation material, which can meet the thermal insulation requirements of conventional projects. If there is a higher thermal insulation requirement, the wall thickness can be calculated and adjusted, or the internal thermal insulation and external thermal insulation of the traditional outer wall can be achieved.

8. Mature anti-leakage technology

As a mature external wall system, explosion-proof and pressure-relief system can ensure no leakage of the external wall completely after the surface chung is installed with the external wall coating after the treatment of plate dislocation arrangement and special caulking putty caulking.

9. Quick installation

All the materials used for explosion-proof roof are made in the factory. Only welding and bolt fixation are needed on site. The plate density is low, which is convenient for opening holes and crossing the closing line.

10, easy surface decoration

The surface of explosion-proof exterior wall is very smooth, no leveling layer is needed in the construction of exterior wall coating, which can directly enter the process of exterior wall coating.

The above is xiaobian for you to sort out the information of the explosion-proof board, explosion-proof board not only has many characteristics, but also can be effective in the first time of fire protection, the loss of property also ensures the safety of personnel. It also gives rise to the wave produced by an effective decompression explosion in the event of fire and explosion at the same time. It also gives firefighters time to put out fires.