What are the characteristics of the explosion-proof board designed as a wall

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1328
At present many places have used the explosion-proof plate, then explosion-proof plate in the end is what plate. The explosion-proof plate is a kind of fire-proof and explosion-proof material, which is made of the former fibre-cement pressure plate with galvanized steel material on the surface. Mainly used for explosion-proof partition wall, explosion-proof ceiling, explosion-proof exhaust pipe, cable pipe, explosion-proof cable protection, explosion-proof door and steel structure explosion-proof and other protection systems. Below small make up for you to introduce in detail the design and characteristics of explosion-proof plate.

When designing explosion-proof buildings, the corresponding design can be completed according to some corresponding requirements, which will be more secure for all of us. What factors should be considered in the design process? Correct attention to some of the specific circumstances, and then the whole design work is done well, these will be more helpful for the future.

In the process of explosion-proof design, the number of floors should be considered. In a multi-storey building, if only part of the room is explosion-proof, then try to arrange it on the top floor, we must take some specific conditions into consideration in the design process. The explosion process is likely to lead to a fire, explosion-proof buildings should have a good fireproof grade, single-storey buildings should not be less than two.

In order to avoid explosion, or the collapse of the building, then the building should have a better bearing structure, and take some measures to release, so as to better play its role. Usually in the process of application, correct to understand some specific situation, pay attention to more practical aspects, so as to have a better role for everyone.

The explosion-proof design of the building should also consider the safe entrance and exit. In this process, it must meet the corresponding safe evacuation distance and specific width. From an overall, do a good job in the relevant design work, then the next can have a better role, so we must consider this aspect in advance. When we can do the design work well, the following buildings will be safer and people will feel more assured in the process of using.

The explosion-proof plate is not only widely used, but also durable and fireproof, so that firefighters can avoid a fire as far as possible and ensure the safety of life and property in society. At present, the explosion-proof board produced by our company has been approved and approved by most consumers in the market, and the test data can also meet the fire safety standards and explosion prevention experiments. Above is small make up for you to introduce this board, I hope to help you understand more. For more information or other products, please visit Beijing huacheng jiude building materials co., LTD.