Installation requirements for 9mm explosion-proof pressure relief plate

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1442

Every product every board every construction every corner of the construction is not the same, there is a difficult construction also has a good construction, because of the ground and different, a few days ago a few friends information asked our manufacturers have explosion-proof pressure relief plate, there is no 9mm thick, how about the fire grade? Blast proof? How? That today small make up believe that there are also a lot of people like that a few friends do not know so much, small make up for you to introduce the characteristics of explosion-proof pressure relief plate and construction methods.

First of all, explosion-proof pressure relief plate fire rating is A1, can withstand the fire for 4 hours, not only excellent fire performance other aspects are also very good, such as waterproof, widely used in the partition wall, hanging pipe, smoke pipe and other fire needs structure, fire limit 1~4 hours, meet the different fire requirements.

In the process of construction, the problems that need to be paid attention to in the construction of each kind of different materials are completely different. When the explosion-proof pressure relief plate is used, it is a product that can bring effective construction quality and save construction time for the construction of the whole building. Before the construction of floor slab, are a lot of construction units for their own production, processing. Not only in the quality can not necessarily meet high standards, and may delay the construction of the entire project time. But now in the process of floor slab construction, directly through the special enterprise for the purchase of explosion-proof pressure relief plate, for the whole building construction time shortened, can give effective help. But in the process of construction, must be in accordance with the normal and effective method to carry out the construction, to ensure that the completion of the construction of the quality of the project will not be a problem. There are some construction orders, think that when they are in the construction, as long as the traditional form of construction, no matter what type of product specifications, as long as the construction with the same standard can be, this is a very wrong cognition. Real professional construction team, in the process of explosion-proof pressure relief plate construction, will first look at the product is what type of product specifications, in the construction need to pay attention to what is the problem. Understand these problems first, and then according to the characteristics of the product construction, so as to ensure the quality of the whole project can give some help. Otherwise, after the completion of the construction, the construction of the entire floor board may not be in line with the special standards, the quality of the whole building will have an impact.

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