Is the wood veneer made of wood

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1345

The first reaction that everybody hears wood grain board is lumber do, such words affect zoology environment, can the tree reduce? Actually everybody is wrong, the development of contemporary industry is not as backward as everybody imagines, advocate now is green that cannot destroy an environment of course, wood grain board is the name of the product only, actually wood grain board is by fiber cement board process model and the board of lumber look do not have its to differ, but it is much better than lumber. Below small make up for you to introduce wood grain board.

1, wood grain board is to point to wood grain board (be used on ambry for instance), it is by wood grain board (or call wood grain board to stick a face) with base material (use medium density board or particleboard commonly) stick by hot sol high temperature high pressure and become.

2, wood grain board (wood grain board veneer) also known as refractory board, formerly known as thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure decorative laminated board, abbreviated as HPL, is a kind of refractory building materials for surface decoration, rich in surface color, pattern and special physical properties and convenient processing, widely used in interior decoration surface materials.

3, it is made of phenolic resin impregnated paper as the core (bottom) layer and amino resin (mainly melamine resin) impregnated paper as the surface layer after heating and at no less than 5MPa pressure glued together, the outer side or two sides have decorative color or pattern.

4, wood board/refractory board is the base paper after melamine resin and phenolic resin processing, the main physical properties are shown by the resin properties. Melamine resin after thermosetting molding, good luster, good transparency, high surface hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, small surface pores are not easy to be contaminated, drug resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, flame resistance and other properties, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, arc resistance and not easy to aging. Phenolic resin resin thermosetting molding after heat resistance and hard properties. When the two resins are combined, the wood pattern board/refractory board has both properties.

In fact, now the development of science and technology, small make up feel is good, because if you see the use of the old wood as a decorative plate so the forest must be killed, and the ecological environment will be destroyed, so for now, with fibre cement coating process to replace the use of wood board, greatly increasing adornment effect also can protect the environment, so why not? . Above is small make up the wood grain board that introduces for everybody, hope to be able to help everybody understand more plank.