The advantages and characteristics of explosion-proof pressure relief plate are introduced

Date:2019-04-08  Views:1265

Explosion-proof pressure relief plate is also known as explosion-proof pressure relief plate and explosion-proof pressure relief plate. The material is light and brittle, which belongs to special building materials and is often made into various explosion-relief facilities, such as explosion-relief doors and Windows, and explosion-relief walls. It is mainly used for building explosion-proof system with explosion-proof facilities. The main composition of explosion-proof pressure relief plate is composed of natural cellulose fiber, silicate and other calcium silicon additives, with high fire resistance, heat insulation, light weight, durability, good strength and other characteristics. Explosion-proof drain clamp is suitable for all kinds of pressure and fire prevention requirements, when the explosion explosion protection discharge pressure plate through cooperate with facilities to complete the work pressure, when the explosion critical pressure reaches a certain intensity, explosion-proof drain clamp absorption blast damage through its rapid disintegration, reducing the explosion occurred on surrounding building environment of personal and property damage.

Huacheng jiude is a large building material enterprise specializing in the production of explosion-proof and explosion-proof pressure relief board. Is calcium silicate board and fiber cement, one of the national industry standard participated units in the production of special building materials have rich experience and research and development, and its products huacheng nine, explosion-proof, determining the discharge pressure plate adopts advanced copy production by adding inorganic hydraulic cement materials the siliceous material as base material qingzhen plant fiber as reinforced material, cement and additives, such as inorganic material, through mixing, molding, high temperature steaming, drying and processing and surface treatment, such as more than ten working procedure carefully. Huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate has the following characteristics:

1. Rapid dispersal: huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate is a light and brittle material, which can realize dispersal in a very short time during explosion, and can give full play to the pressure relief ability of the plate when it is affected by blast wave, greatly reducing the superposition effect of explosive force, and at the same time providing a guarantee for our life and property safety.

2. Light weight: light weight is the consistent advantage of huacheng jiude plate. The density is about 1.2g/cm, which is very beneficial to the load and seismic resistance of the whole building. At the same time, the plate with low density is more convenient for opening holes and crossing switch lines.

3. Good strength: huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate is not easy to be broken in use and transportation, and has good compatibility; Strong adhesion ability with the wall, to achieve a relatively uniform low density and high strength, fully meet the external wall insulation, waterproof, ventilation Windows and equipment pipeline installation of various construction requirements. Special production and installation method can ensure the stability and seismic resistance of the wall and realize pressure relief and explosion relief at the same time.

4. Pressure relief is not easy to cause secondary damage: huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate is block-like and powdery, without sharp edges and corners, light in weight, low in density, low in kinetic energy and slow in flight, which reduces secondary damage to the greatest extent.

5. Superior fire resistance: huacheng nine DE explosion-proof drainage plate products for grade A1 incombustible, fireproof limit reaches above 1000 ℃.

6. Easy decoration and mature anti-leakage technology: the surface of huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate is clean and has its own special construction technology. No leveling layer is needed during the construction of external wall coating, which can directly enter the external wall coating process. When the surface coating of external wall coating, completely can ensure no leakage of external wall.

7. Outstanding thermal insulation performance: huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate has a low thermal conductivity and is an ideal material for thermal insulation, insulation and pressure relief of conventional projects. If there is a higher thermal insulation requirement, it can be achieved by calculating and adjusting the wall thickness.

8. Green and safe: more energy saving, the main material is inorganic material, which will not produce harmful substances due to the change of humidity and temperature conditions in the environment. Have waterproof, anticorrosive, moistureproof characteristic; After testing the water absorption rate is less than 25%, does not burn at high temperature, more anti-corrosion performance.

9. Quick installation: huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate has a regular surface, accurate size and light weight, which can greatly reduce manpower and material investment and effectively shorten the construction period. According to engineering requirements, can be field composite into a whole plate, can also be factory prefabricated, on-site installation. Give you more options.

10. Long service life: currently, the service life of buildings designed in China is generally 50-100 years. But the design life of organic insulation materials is only 20-25 years. That is to say, the insulation layer cannot keep pace with the service life of the building. This means that the problem of aging resistance of organic thermal insulation materials makes it necessary to carry out thermal insulation repair work at least 2-4 times during the service of a building. This kind of repeated construction operation on the building has caused direct damage to the building and affected the service life of the building. At the same time, many times of repair work also brought serious inconvenience to people's life and production. The physical property of huacheng jiude explosion-proof pressure relief plate is similar to that of concrete, which can match the life of all kinds of buildings.

Commonly used in commercial buildings, power stations, industrial/military, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, warehouse, subway and transportation facilities. Common specifications: 1200*2400*9mm if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.